Introducing the Echo Ultrasound Phantom Series!

My coworkers and I were very impressed…

…with the Glass and Aurora phantom!

I am one of 3 nurses in the ER that I work at that are sono site trained. We are a small rural ER. With that being said we are still very busy and every shift I work I am constantly being pulled away from my patients to do sono IV’s on other nurses patients. With the Phantom sono IV training kit several of my coworkers have become more confident in their ability to place sono IV’s on their own patients.

This has been a tremendous help for our department! The phantom make sono trained employees more marketable and valuable to their departments. The instructions are easy to understand and follow. The devices are quite realistic.

I love that the Glass Phantom is transparent so you can have a visual that you cannot have with some other sono training devices. The Aurora model is great for sono IV training because it requires you to look at the screen while advancing the IV catheter. Definitely give them a try!

Rachel Hernandez, ER Nurse

The Aurora Phantom Model is a 2-veined ultrasound guided IV training model.

This opaque model is made for clinicians who are already confident of their ability to make sense of the ultrasound screen in relation to where the needle is located. (For those who struggle with spatial awareness we recommend starting with our Glass Phantom first.)

The two veins of our Aurora model more closely simulate veins you may find on a patient. They are at different elevations as well as offering additional targets to work towards improving your aim and avoiding “lost needle syndrome” where your needle is in the patient but you can’t find it on the ultrasound screen.

All of the models in our Echo Ultrasound Phantom Series have been designed to help clinicians master the skill of ultrasound guided IVs at an affordable price. Our models provide convenient portability since they are small enough to be carried in any work bag.

The Aurora Phantom comes in your choice of Blue, Green, Pink, or Yellow.

Dimensions: 6-1/8″ by 5-5/8″ by 1-1/4″
Weight: 13.36 oz or about 1lb, 3oz

Price: $135 (includes shipping to Continental US)
plus applicable sales tax.

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