App FAQs

How do I record a successful IV start?

  1. Select date.
  2. Press the green SUCCESSFUL button.
  3. Press RECORD EVENT button.

Do I record an event for each attempt or each patient?

We allow two attempts PER PATIENT/CLIENT as recommended by most professional organizations. For example, you could not establish a line with your first try for the patient/client but you WERE able to get the line on the second event. This is only ONE data entry for successful. Of course, you should always follow any policy for the number of attempts set by employers.

How do I record an UNsuccessful IV start?

  1. Select date.
  2. Press the red UNSUCCESSFUL button.
  3. Press RECORD EVENT button.

When does my overall score update?

As soon as you press the RECORD EVENT button.

What does my score mean?

Your overall score is the average success rate for the total number of patients/clients who need you to start an IV. You may want to think of it in the same manner as scholastic grades, for example, 90% and above is an “A” … 80% and above is a “B” … etc.

Can I see my daily score or just my overall score?

This version only allows your overall score. However, we will offer daily scores on future updates.

Is there any potential for HIPPA violation?

There is not enough data entered to determine the identity of any patient/client. You are simply entering “successful” or unsuccessful”.

How can I improve my score?

A: There are lots of ways to improve. To receive your copy of “Five IV Start Secrets You Probably Don’t Know” and get on our mailing list for classes, click here.

My scores are great! What can I do now?

Would you like to make some extra money teaching your great skills to others? Click here to be placed on our mailing list for our instructor roll out in 2021, national health conditions permitting.

Where do I send App comments and suggestions?

We would love to hear from you! We love to improve and are already working on the next generation for this application. To email us any feedback, please click here.